12 May 2006

friday photos

I've been slacking with the blog, I know. We've been boring lately -- no trauma or adventures or anything. But we have been spending a lot of time outdoors in the beautiful weather, so I thought I'd post some cute photos of the munchkins.

Evan at the playground

James at the playground

Little superheroes

Evan among the tulips

James among the lilacs


Samay said...

Wow, nice weather in Rochester - you need to savor that, and stay off the computer. Then again, you might like snow.

Anonymous said...

those are some gorgeous pics dear! great composition in the first two as well, go you :) btw, before i catch up with the whole blog (too damn busy over here, i'm sorry...), i just thought i'd let you know i got an email from you with a subject "Re:Secure delivery", which sounds a lot like a virus and i'd rather not open it before making sure...
hope all is sunshiney in your world. lots of love, mojca