13 March 2006

a phone call from a poem

As a lover of all things poetic, I think this is an incredible and fabulous idea: my city's local writers' organization has set up, in front of their building, a British-style bright red phone booth to read poetry to those who pick up the phone. The poems are all written and read by local poets, too.

I've always been of the opinion that the world at large could use a little more poetry; maybe this will help spread the love. Now I've got to find some time to head down there and shut myself into that phone booth for a little while.


Anonymous said...

that's a brilliant idea! some time ago a similar idea (but less original) was carried out in my city, it was basically poems on jumbo posters. i liked it.
have a lovely poetry-filled day sweets :)
p.s. wonderful to hear from you!

Samay said...

Man, why is Rochester so crazy advanced sometimes? Great idea.

Anonymous said...

i dreamt about you last night! i can't remember what happened in the dream though, boo.
hope you have a lovely sunshiney day :)