06 March 2006

we are not abusive...

Our baby is learning to walk. He turned 9 months yesterday and took his first steps -- one single step on two different occasions. The problem with this is that Evan is incredibly accident-prone (he must have inherited my clumsy gene). We were lucky with James, who seemed to have a built-in sense of caution that kept him from hurting himself too badly. But Evan, poor sweet little Evan, constantly overestimates his abilities, and consequently falls down pretty regularly. Now that he is trying to walk he's bruising his face and it makes me feel like a terrible parent, like someone is going to suspect we're abusive. But anyone who's ever been around a kid this age is probably aware that they fall a lot. Some, like mine, more than most.

And now, a photo of the ugly bump my baby gave his forehead this afternoon:

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Anonymous said...

aw, poor little guy! but congrats to him and you for his first steps, must be exciting :)
sending sunshine your way,
p.s. did you get that song i emailed you?