28 March 2006

and i'm back

I realize that I've been delinquent in updating this blog, and I'm sure the four of you who read this are terribly disappointed in me. Forgive me! While I was away for the weekend, our computer crashed and died and we had to re-install Windows and re-do practically everything, and in the process I lost the notes and outline I was working on for a really fabulous post. (Yes, I made notes and an outline for a blog post -- I was intending to include lots of links, and was attempting to stay organized and coherent rather than just throwing together a post. And yes, I know the computer problems don't explain why I wasn't updating for weeks before that. So what?)

I'm not sure whether I'll attempt to replicate the post; I'm not sure the topic would be current enough now that I've read about it in a million different places. I'll have to figure out whether or not I have anything new to say about the issue. (You'd love to know what the topic is, wouldn't you? All four of you.)

The boys and I were at my mom's this weekend, seeing my sisters (and one sister's family) for the first time since November. The influence of being in a crowded, noisy house for a weekend has turned my baby into a screecher. Excited? Frustrated? Happy? Tired? Screech! And it over-tired both of my children to a nearly intolerable point, a condition which we are working diligently and quickly to remedy.

And it's spring! The trees are budding, plants are emerging from the earth -- even in my little garden which gets literally no sunlight, some little plants are beginning to peek out of the ground. And now that the weather is nicer, I'll be able to send James outside more often, leaving me plenty of time to blog, you lucky readers! All four of you.


Anonymous said...

welcome back sweets :) a very nice entry hehe... it's only... i'm afraid i have to tell you there's at least 5 of us reading (i'll tell you why in an email-hopefully soon-or maybe i can give you a hint-the name starts with the letter "u" ;) we're all very much hooked). and of course i'm dying to know what that topic would've been, bummer!

yay for spring, yay for spring. it's finally warmer here too and the world seems so much nicer. if i were there, i'd be sure to pick some flowers for you and bring them @--> (this virtual thingie will have to do unfortunately).

hope all is going well. many hugs, m.

Kristy said...

Am I included in the 4 (or maybe 5) readers? If not, you may have to up that number! This is how I keep up to date on the Mergenthaler-Schmidt family!