06 May 2008

identity crisis

My darling younger son is entering a phase of identity crisis. Every day, we hear (multiple times) a very detailed description of who he is at that moment. Often he must stand still and repeat his title several times in a row before he is able to, say, walk to the bus stop, or get into the bathtub. Some examples:

"I'm super-duper big mean red blue Obi-Wan Kenobi on Hoth."

"I'm super-duper ultra mean brown Tuscan Raider."

"I'm super-duper big mean black white clone trooper."

He is always super-duper. I have to agree with that bit. But please don't address him as Evan, unless you wish to be corrected and reminded at least three times.

My favorite, though, was the night we were having dinner with friends, and, at a lull in the general conversation, Evan said, mostly to himself, "Everyone calls me Evan, but I call me a bounty hunter."

Good to know.


Jessica said...

Oh my gosh, that is TOO CUTE.

John S said...

That's awesome. Way to go Evan (I mean, Bounty Hunter)... don't let anyone tell you any different. =)

m said...

haha, that's hilarious!