16 May 2008

friday photos: lilac festival edition

For the last week Rochester has been celebrating spring with its annual Lilac Festival. We've been three times so far, and might make it back once more before the festival ends on Sunday. There are rides and vendors and tons of carnival-type food, but my favorite part is the flowers. Not just lilacs, but flowering trees and tulips and rhododendrons and peonies and on and on and on. We've gone a little photo crazy.

Here's Greg and me in front of what turned out to be a crabapple tree. Who knew they could be so gorgeous?

James climbing one of the best climbing trees I've ever seen:

The boys resting in a cool carved bench:

Evan spent much of this morning's excursion in tears, because he just needed someone to CARRY HIM!

Below the fold, a bunch of flower photos. But, as my mom pointed out, no photos of the famous lilacs. Sorry.

An orchid in the conservatory:

I don't know the name of this flower, but it was also found in the conservatory, in a very humid, tropical sort of room, and it was literally nearly the size of my head:

And some interesting varieties of tulips that I thought were just beautiful in both shape and color:

Happy weekend, everyone!

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Jessica said...

AWESOME photos! (You look very cute in the top one, btw). I remember some years when the festival was rained (or snowed?) out -- I'm glad the weather has been nice this year.