28 February 2008

a lesson in phonics

Evan: Mama, my cars are sweeping.
Me: They're sweeping?
Evan: No! They're sweeping.
Me: They're sweeping the floor?
Evan: NO! They're... sah-LEEEP-ing.
Me: Oh, sleeping. That's very different from sweeping.

Progress is slow, but he's coming along.


Emily said...

Ahhh....that's very cute. But I didn't know cars could sleep!

karen said...

Bless you for even caring - which may seem weird to say, but having spent ample time caring for other peoples' children, and being in the education field - you are one awesome mother!

Anonymous said...

cute :) and familiar :) yesterday we were trying to teach matija how to say 'r' (the slovene 'r' is really strong, as in 'rrrrr')
us: come on, try it, say ju-RE (my bro's name, pronounced sth like yoo-reh)
matija: ju-IE
us: no... ju-RE
matija: ju..-IE