21 February 2008

*cough cough*

Wouldn't it figure that it's on James' week off from school that I get sick? James is spending his winter break watching a lot of movies and playing a lot of video games, and I'm spending it mostly on the couch, napping, drinking tea or water at all times, coughing, and trying not to let the drugs wear off.

Also, I can barely speak. Fun times!


Jessica said...

Is it the flu? Did you get a flu shot?

I ask because all the people around me who are against flu shots are now all getting the flu. I CAN'T get sick right now, and am hoping my flu shot will protect me.

Speaking of Murphy's law type things, here's mine for the week: My kids miss about half of their day care days due to runny noses. My job needs to get done regardless. Today, with a to-do list a mile long and healthy kids -- school was cancelled due to snow. There isn't any snow yet, but they say it's coming. UGHHHHHH!!!

Scrabulous, anyone?

Emily said...

Hope you feel better soon! =)

Ren said...

Load up on vitamins! I started feeling sick on Tuesday and started mainlining multivitamins and vitamin-fortified juices, and I'm starting to feel better already. Hope it goes away quickly! xoxo

karen said...

:( Sorry, heidi - I feel for you (literally!), and hope you start feeling better, soon. I read that there are particularly high outbreaks of the flu in several states, NY and CO among them (yay, us!), including a strain that the flu shot doesn't even protect against. =P Not that that info. helps you, at this point, but maybe some popsicles and Emergen-C will! And Greg better be being helpful!