15 February 2008

friday photos: kindergarten love edition

In the week leading up to Valentine's Day, James' class at school has been focusing a lot on love, and doing various love-related projects. He had a show-and-tell day on which he had to bring in a photo of someone he loves, and he made a little "Love Book" to illustrate people or things he loves. Naturally, cuteness abounds. Photos below the fold.

The person James loves who he brought photos of to school? His brother. AWWWW. These are the two photos he brought to show his class:

And the drawings from his "Love Book":

Greg was a little insulted to be replaced by Goldfish (I believe this refers to the crackers and not the animal, which I find even funnier) but I'm pleased to have made the cut. Especially since Greg is actually James' favorite person by far.

I'll be visiting family this weekend, so I may or may not get a weekend recipe up. Have a happy weekend!


Samay said...

You appear to have lost a finger and I think you're a little shorter than before, but the orange tan and straight brown hair look good on you.

Jaimelyn said...

awww, that's just the cutest thing ever!

Emily said...

So this is very cute and all, but the mom shirt? That shirt is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

a VERY cute entry :)