10 July 2006

weekend photos

On Saturday, we went berry picking at Brown's Berry Patch, which, in addition to pick-your-own berries, has a playground, some farm animals, and a store with delicious, delicious ice cream. Some photos:

Evan snacking in the strawberry fields

James climbing at the playground

Evan is in love with animals of all kinds

James, after removal of the ponytail

Who needs dinner when you've got toes?

Some other notes from the weekend:

  • Evan is crazy about blueberries (so is James, for that matter), and while Greg and James and I were picking, he figured out that if he stood on the wagon, he could pick his own. I'm not sure he got many ripe ones that way, but once he figured out how to get his own, it was nearly impossible to get him to sit again.
  • We came home with over 11 pounds of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and cherries. Some of it went in the freezer, but I'd estimate we still have at least seven pounds to eat. Now that's a lot of fruit.
  • Greg and James went fishing for something like five hours on Sunday, and didn't catch any fish for dinner. Hmph. While they were out, I introduced Evan to Mr Potato-head, who he quite likes, and we leafed through a photo book of animals we have, which delighted Evan -- he's so into animals lately.
  • James finally decided to have his hair cut, because he was tired of hair in his eyes. He wanted to go totally bald, but Greg and I thought that was a bit much, so he's got a buzz cut, just like last summer. Shortly after cutting his hair, we were watching the Wimbledon finals, and James expressed surprise upon seeing Rafael Nadal's long hair, wondering at the fact that it wasn't in his eyes. I had tried to tell him before we cut it that we could have combed his hair out of his eyes, too (I rather liked the long hair), but I guess he had to see it to believe it.

And that's the weekend update.


ren said...

Those are great pictures. Are you bringing fruit this weekend??

Anonymous said...

these are adorable :)