12 July 2006

rain rain, go away

Dear Mother Nature,

Enough with the rain already! Four hours might have been tolerable. Eight hours is moving into ridiculous territory. But twelve hours and counting? It's insane. Did we do something here in western NY to offend you, to make you want to punish us so badly with never-ending rain?

Ordinarily, a little rain wouldn't bother me, but here's the thing: the gutters are leaking over my back garden, and this is causing the well around my basement window to fill at an alarming rate, and once the water level hits the vent at the top of the window, it starts leaking into the basement. And so I am forced to venture out into the rain at regular intervals to stand in the increasingly mucky and flooded garden with a bucket, to bail out the well and prevent basement leakage.

What's the best part? The frogs! The idiotic, moronic frogs (or toads; I don't know the difference) who stumble into the window wells and are trapped in the rising water. So far I've saved two live frogs and fished out one dead frog. There's another who dives under the water every time I get near with the bucket, so I'm assuming I'll be removing his dead little body before long too.

So, thanks, Mother Nature, for giving me the honorable opportunity to rescue frogs -- I'm sure I"m a hero to them by now -- but it's really quite unnecessary to go on any longer. You've made your point.

Love, Heidi

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Anonymous said...

oh no! (and frogs, ugh!) *sends some sunshine your way*. i hope the rain passes soon.
much love,