10 April 2009

friday photos: scratch-paper-comix edition

I've been wondering about the quality of James' art education all year, as he brings home one construction paper collage after another, but this week really topped them all. I know that kids love to draw on scratch paper, but this is something Evan regularly does in his preschooler art class. Are public school budgets for art classes really so low that first-graders are limited to construction paper and scratch paper projects?

Despite the questionable usefulness of public school art class, my first-grader has a lot of interesting things going on in his head, and he manages to produce some hilarious stuff. This week's scratch paper drawing is actually one of my favorite things he's made at school.

This is Part 1 of a comic-style story in which several of his favorite characters team up against one formidable foe. Read the full story below the fold.

First, Cyclops was tearing down the city. He smashed a building in half in New York City:

But then Luke Skywalker came and stabbed Cyclops in the foot with a lightsaber:

Then, Cyclops got angry:

He smashed the Empire State Building in half:

Then Indiana Jones came and whipped him in the leg and Luke said, "Thanks for coming to help me!":

Then Curious George stabbed Cyclops in the eye with a banana while he was hanging from a giant tree:

Then Spongebob pulled out one of Cyclops' teeth and made him swallow it:

Then Plankton came and wanted to make friends with Cyclops, but Cyclops burped the tooth out onto Plankton's face:

Then Plankton zapped Cyclops with electricity out of his remote control. Then R2D2 came and zapped Cyclops in the face:

Cyclops smashed everyone except Gary the snail, who had a lightsaber:

Then Gary stabbed Cyclops in the face with a lightsaber and he died:

You may have noticed the "Part 2 Come Soon" at the bottom of the page. If Part 2 does indeed come soon and is as fantastic as Part 1, I may post it as well.

Evan, by the way, thinks this is just about the greatest story ever, and while I'm not entirely on board with all the stabbing, I do think a giant Cyclops destroying New York would need to be stopped, even using violence if necessary.

Let me know if you're interested in seeing more of my kids' artwork, or if this is one of those blind parent moments in which I'm forcing everyone to look at something I think is brilliant and you're all dreading the prospect of having to look at more children's scrawling excuses for art.


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, it IS totally brilliant!!! You are so so smart to write down what he told you about each picture, it's fabulous.

kim said...

This is awesome! I can't wait for Part 2!

Jaimelyn said...

i'm impressed!!

Reneka said...

So glad you posted this! I'm looking forward to more...

Anonymous said...

This was very adorable and uplifting. You should be proud.


John S said...

YES. Please, PLEASE continue to share these. I know he's my nephew and all, but that's just brilliant. Almost Lovecraftian, even. The Super Friends have NOTHING on these guys. =) Thanks Heidi.

Julie said...

Heidi, your kids are so amazing! I mean who could come up with such an awesome plot! And his pictures are awesome! At least his imagination makes up for the tools they use :-)