17 April 2009

friday photos: corbett's glen edition

We recently learned about a local park we'd never been to or even heard of. It's called Corbett's Glen and it's a really unusual little park, full of hills and trails, with a stream running through it, bounded on one side by a railroad track (I think three trains came by in the couple of hours we were there) and almost completely surrounded by the suburbs, to the point that you're occasionally walking alongside people's backyards. There are even a couple of houses entirely within the glen. It has a lot of interesting features, and while we were there last weekend I managed to take a lot of photos.

One of the coolest things about the glen is that one of the entrances to the park takes you through a stone tunnel, under the railroad bridge and beside the stream:

And there's a little waterfall on the other side of the tunnel:

If you ask James and Evan, one of the best possible things to do in this park, or any park really, is to throw rocks in the water.

We found a strange vine structure, which will probably be even cooler looking once we get some green around here:

We climbed a huge hill overlooking the stream. For a city that's so flat, it was surprising to find a large, steep hill perched over the water:

There's some pretty cool terrain in the middle of the park. The path takes you along a sharp dip between two hills:

And there's a long section of the path that splits between the ground, and a long narrow ridge that rises maybe six to eight feet or so above the path:

It's not fully spring yet -- things were still mostly brown -- but we did see some promising signs:

And some cheerful graffiti:

Once we had hiked from one end of the park to the other we stopped for a rest and some playing and goofing around:

And on our way back, along a different, more remote trail, we saw a large, abandoned, rusted machine of some kind. I love finding random things in the woods:


Jessica said...

I have never been to Corbett's Glen, but several of my Rochester friends have blogged about it. Where is it? It looks fabulous.

Heidi said...

It's in Brighton, near Penfield, just off of 490. Near Ellison Park and St. John Fisher College. Such a random and surprising spot for a park like this!