05 September 2008

friday photos: first grade edition

This year I actually remembered to take the obligatory first day of school photo.

So far first grade is a success. We have not missed the bus yet, despite it coming 6-7 minutes earlier than scheduled (we had to run for it this morning, but we made it), James' lunch box is coming home nearly empty every day (so far no begging for cafeteria chicken nuggets or pizza), and James is in the same class as both his kindergarten best friend and his kindergarten girlfriend. This girlfriend, by the way (to tell an anecdote I could have blogged about in my missing month but didn't) is the girl he told over the phone a couple of weeks ago that he doesn't want to marry her, he just wants to have babies with her. Let's hope she didn't repeat that to her parents.

As always, James tells me virtually nothing about school, and the thousand questions I ask in the brief period between him getting off the bus and going outside to play are answered in monosyllables around mouthfuls of snack. Full-day school is a tiring adjustment for him, I think; at least, that's the excuse I'm giving him for his cranky attitude toward me when he gets home every day.

But we are all adjusting. Evan and I are learning how to fill our days without James around. I'm slowly remembering what it's like to hang out with one child at a time. We're all getting used to getting up and getting ready much earlier than usual. I think it's going to be a good year.


Julie said...

Yay for James! He looks so big!

Anonymous said...

yay!! brina's also a first grader now. apparently she loved the first day because they had "cake for breakfast" (not sure it was breakfast, but alright :)). she hated the second day because all they did was play and that was really boring. the third day was apparently better because they had to draw themselves. haha.
have a lovely week :)

Emily said...

Ahhhh...great picture. He looks big for a first grader! Hope school is going well for him!