12 September 2008

friday photos: the evan is funny edition

Let me tell you, when you go shopping at Target with a superhero in tow, you get a lot of attention.

And when that little superhero stops in the Lego aisle, he is so overcome with excitement that he is unable to speak the words "Star Wars" or "Indiana Jones" but instead fills the air with what would sound, to an uneducated observer, like a series of high-pitched tuneless wails, but is actually the respective theme songs for these two movies with which our little superhero is obsessed.

Here is a characteristic photo of Evan reading his favorite book, otherwise known as the Lego catalog. Every little superhero-in-training needs a thorough knowledge of current Lego sets.

You're lucky he's wearing pants in that photo. Evan's always scheming ways to avoid wearing pants. I may have mentioned his recent refusal to wear a pair of shorts on the grounds that they were too distinguished, and a couple of days ago he tried to convince me he couldn't wear pants because he would look too adorable in them. Kid needs to learn a thing or two about effective persuasion.


Jessica said...

That Evan is a character -- love it!

Come visit -- we have lots of legos and Star Wars toys that Mike would love to drag out of the basement.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, that's just too cute!!

Emily said...

How cute... my nephew is obsessed with superheros too. He had this Spiderman outfit that he would not take off... he even slept in it. It eventually had like 5 holes in it and my brother finally got it off of him.