01 July 2008

maybe i should raise my standards

I have been trying to get motivated this summer, to do a lot of fun things with the kids, and accomplish some things of my own as well. I've started an incentive system where every day the kids and I complete a list of tasks (a mix of chores and errands and fun things too -- I have mandated both reading and playing outdoors as every day "tasks") and if we do well enough, we will "earn" a trip to a local water park at the end of the summer. So far it's turning out to be as good for me as for the kids in terms of being productive and not just lazing around.

So yesterday, I spent much of the day cleaning and organizing and putting things away, enough so that when Greg came home he remarked on a visible difference. This afternoon we invited one of James' friends over to play, so I spent a good portion of the morning cleaning up as well. I hate cleaning, but I feel so victorious when I can cross something off my list, not to mention how much better the house looks in general. So I was feeling pretty pleased with myself after this whole bout of productivity.

James' friend came over after lunch, and as soon as he came in, almost the first words out of his mouth were, "Wow! This house is messy!!" As if that weren't enough, he felt the need to reiterate after seeing another part of the house. There's nothing like the discerning eye of a six-year-old to deflate your ego.

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Emily said...

Hahaha....I feel your pain. Every time my niece gets in my car she says "yep, messy as usual."