04 June 2008

jedis don't read books

Greg and I were talking about books recently, and I said that I hope our children will continue to be readers when they get older. Evan overheard me, and, as always, had to be contradictory.

Evan: I'm not going to be a reader when I grow up. I'm going to be Qui-gon Jin!

Me: But don't you think you'll still like to read books?

Evan: No! I will eat Pez and play with light-sabers.

I suppose I should at least be glad that he's starting to think about the future at such a young age.


Julie said...

lol... your kids are so funny.

Samay said...

First off - Qui-Gonn? LAAAAME
He doesn't want to be Obi-Wan? Obi-Wan is much much cooler.

Second off, Qui-Gonn is clearly reading a book or pamphlet or something when we first see him.

Not to quibble with a 4 year old, but c'mon Evan, get your facts straight.