15 June 2008

father's day/weekend photos/weekend recipes

Happy Father's Day! We had a fun day today, celebrating Greg with one of his favorite things -- fresh strawberries. Today was the opening day of the season at the U-Pick farms around here, a couple of weeks earlier than usual thanks to some unusually warm spring weather, so we went out this afternoon and picked fourteen and a half pounds of strawberries.

And then we came home and ate 10 pounds of them. At least, that's what it felt like. But just look at these; I mean, could you really help yourself when faced with these perfect sun-warmed little berries?

You probably won't be surprised to learn that both kids were more interested in snacking than picking the strawberries:

And we managed to eat quite a few more once we got home, with a couple of strawberry dishes.

The first, which I neglected to take a photo of, was a spinach strawberry salad that we had with dinner. It's a really simple recipe, one I got from the mother of a friend of mine: spinach, sliced strawberries and crumbled feta cheese with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. It sounds weird, I know, but the combination of sweet, salty and tangy really works nicely. I used this vinaigrette recipe, and I added about a teaspoon of brown sugar and a little strawberry juice that had collected in the bottom of the bowl. I thought when I was making it that the garlic might be a mistake, but it turned out fine. I'm sure a store-bought dressing would be just as good.

And for dessert we had strawberry shortcake! Soooo goooood. I found this shortcake recipe, which is a bit more like a biscuit than cake, but still good. We split each shortcake open and topped the halves with a layer of strawberries. We forgot to sugar the strawberries ahead of time, so we decided to try sprinkling them with cinnamon sugar, which turned out to be a nice touch. Then we topped the strawberries with fresh whipped cream and mini chocolate chips, and most of us were able to refrain from licking our plates clean, but it was hard. That was a good dessert. This one I took a photo of:

Hope everyone had a happy weekend/Father's Day!


Jessica said...

Those strawberries look luscious! So does the shortcake. You feed your family way better than I feed mine!

karen said...

Heidi, you never cease to amaze me. What awesome strawberry recipes! Happy Father's Day to Greg, and Happy belated Mother's Day to you! :)

Emily said...

Oh my goodness, you're making me hungry! Strawberries are in my top 3 favorite foods. I make a spinach strawberry salad all the time and love it!