11 January 2008

friday photos: vacation edition

I wrote a bit about our vacation earlier this week, and today I've finally got some photos. Check below the fold for some cuteness and silliness.

We stopped at a rock shop, and saw the biggest geode any of us had ever seen. James could crawl inside this thing. And the photo doesn't show it well, but it's coated in amethyst crystals, with the exception of that huge white crystal (well, grey in the photo) that you can see jutting out in the middle there:

James riding his old pal Snickers:

And Evan, riding Snickers for the first time:

James and Evan posing under a whale tail outside the Pacific Science Center:

And two photos of me and Greg, dressed up and silly on New Year's Eve:

In other news, we're having a birthday party for James this weekend. If my sanity makes it through intact, I'll be back after the weekend.


Jessica said...

Awesome pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've had a bust month or so. You and Greg look adorable. I think you should have mentioned how lucky James is to have you as a mother (in his bday post)=)