02 November 2007

friday photos: halloween edition

More Halloween pictures!

James, trying to look as scary as possible:

Little lion, big roar:

Cannibal jack o'lantern:

Posing before heading off to trick-or-treat:

And I got all snazzy in the kitchen. I get all my really cool ideas from Slashfood, and of course I don't pull them off as well as the magazines and food sites from which Slashfood gets their material, but I don't do half bad, if I do say so myself.

Spider eggs (delicious, by the way):

Witches' fingers (surprisingly un-delicious, what with being incredibly sugary cookies and all):

I also made GHOULash for dinner (get it??) -- another Slashfood idea -- and I reprised my role as a black cat this year. No photos of me, but scroll down to last Friday's photos and I looked pretty much identical. We also watched The Wolf Man, James' first horror movie. He thought it was more sad than scary -- he cried at the end when they killed the werewolf.

All in all a pretty successful holiday -- and so far I've managed not to steal too much of the boys' candy.


Jessica said...

Great pictures! The food looks great, too!

Julie said...

Pretty fun stuff! I have to say, James certainly looks creepy! And your food is so festive!

and rudeness said...

WOW! I love your "spiders" and "fingers!" AWESOME!

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun! :)