09 August 2007

we survived.

Well, we did it. We successfully moved. It wasn't even as bad as I expected. My mom, sister and brother-in-law were all here to help, and despite scheduling problems with the dunces at U-Haul, we managed it in an afternoon and treated ourselves to a Dinosaur BBQ feast for dinner.

That was Saturday: moving. Sunday was mostly spent in cleaning the old apartment. Monday morning Greg promptly left for a conference in California, for the entire week, so I've been in charge of the unpacking along with two monstrous children, one of whom is, as we expected, not coping terribly well with the move. (One guess who that is.) How much unpacking do you suppose I've done?

James has been great with the whole process, of course, and Evan has been work. Of course. I've heard about monsters in the bedroom at night. We've battled over the new booster seat. He ate 321534 popsicles at my frisbee game last night because that was the only way to keep him from screaming and running across the field to me. I earned the sympathy of the cable guy, who heard Evan screaming and throwing tantrums about nothing for approximately 80% of the 2 hours he was here installing our internet and phone.

Speaking of the internet and phone, for all the work that guy did over the span of two hours, I've had issues with both services. Also, our new basement smells gross. That's not really related to anything I was saying, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway as long as I'm complaining.

Anyway, to look on the bright side, Greg and I are going to a wedding with many of our college friends (and without the kids) this weekend, so there's that to save me from the endless unpacking and baby-minding.


Jessica said...

Glad you made it!!

Emily said...

Have a great time at the wedding. I'm sure it's a well deserved break!

karen said...

leave it to boys. And I'm referring to both Evan AND Greg conveniently leaving for CA for a conference.
Hope you are managing to hang on to a bit of your sanity, and glad you are at least physically moved, and have FUN at the wedding!!! =0)

Melissa said...

glad the move went well. U-haul needs a corporate overhaul!

John said...

Congrats on the move... I'm glad it went relatively smoothly. Sorry to hear about Evan's wonderful behavior, though. :) Enjoy your time off though, and have fun at the wedding!