20 August 2007

okay, FINE.

I had no idea there would be so much demand for pirate photos. I don't even have any very good ones -- Greg and I made pretty mediocre pirates, and we are (or at least I am) incredibly unphotogenic. But you asked for it.

I feel the need to explain that in my attempt for authenticity, my hair looked like that on purpose. I figured that with all the humidity on the open sea, and lack of conditioner or anti-frizz hair products, a pirate lass would have pretty unkempt hair. Don't ask me to explain Greg, though:

And as long as I'm posting photos, I've got some from the weekend as well. We spent the weekend at a cabin in the Adirondacks with friends, and did a little dressing up there too.

Exhibit A: Heidi and friends from high school went a little crazy with a box of hats found in a closet:

Exhibit B: Greg, who forgot to bring warm clothes even though we were camping, had to rummage through the closets as well, and made do with the warmest items he found. He made quite the fashion statement:

More impressive than either of us, though, was Cooper, the chihuahua who had more clothes for the weekend than I did. Here are a couple of my favorites:

And finally, a normal photo of Greg and me (before Andrea dropped her lunch in Greg's lap) in front of Snowbird Lake, where we spent time swimming and boating and generally relaxing, when we weren't experimenting with fashion:

Oh, how I wish every weekend could involve dressing up ridiculously with old friends in beautiful remote locations, but unfortunately, we must return to real life eventually.


Jessica said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing the photos. I really liked the last one of you and Greg.

Emily said...

Ask and we shall receive! Thanks for posting the pirate pic and the rest. Looks like a good time!

John said...

Thanks for all the pics Heidi. I'm glad you guys have been able to get away to have3 a little fun.

Samay said...

Surprisingly, you look better as an 80s reject than as a pirate.
Usually, it works the other way.

karen said...

Aww - thanks for posting the pics. I didn't think you made a bad pirate wench - not as bad as you made yourself sound, anyway ;0) As for Greg...well...he's just Greg, isn't he? Thanks, again! :D

Melissa said...

It was a splendid weekend, wasn't it?
You send me your pics and I'll send you mine. I have some hilarious ones of Greg and us.