08 December 2006

friday photos

We have our first real snow! This was the view from my back door this morning:

I like to joke that the first snowfall of the year immediately makes everyone forget how to drive. You either have someone inching along at 10mph on clear roads because there's snow on the sidewalks, or you have someone who's forgotten to brush off their windows and mirrors flying past you, spraying slush, at 20mph above the limit. People instantly become idiots on the road.

This morning, my friends, I became one of those people. I was rounding a curve and when I hit the brakes I started to slide. So I let up on the brakes but I couldnt' change direction or I would've hit another car. So I crashed into the curb. Luckily the only injuries were a hubcap knocked askew, and a little bruising to my ego. I suppose, though, since that's the closest I've come to a traffic accident in 9 years of driving, I'm still doing pretty well.

Yesterday I decided to try to take Christmas photos of the boys, since I'll need to send out Christmas cards in the next week before we leave for Washington. Well, here were a couple of the better photos to come from the photo shoot:

Looks like we'll have to try again.

But not this weekend! Here's the really exciting news of the day, much better than snow: in a few hours I am boarding a plane to DC to meet up with my sister for a nerd weekend. This is the first time that I've traveled on my own since having kids. This is also the first time Greg has taken care of the kids alone overnight. So it's a big weekend for all of us.

Hope y'all have a great weekend too!

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Samay said...

Back when I lived in Rochester, I'd drive up on the sidewalk at 25 miles over the limit, just to spray snow on pedestrians. Go Bronco!