16 October 2006

ending my absence

Hello, loyal readers, if you're still reading after my unplanned absence, that is. I didn't really intend to abandon the blog for a couple of weeks there, but you know how it is. Stuff comes up. People get busy. But I intend to resume regular blogging any day now.

Today, though, no real blogging, just some cute photos. Two weekends ago, my sister and her family came to visit, and this past weekend we went out to see my other sister and her fiancee. Much fun was had by all, and I took about a million adorable pictures, of which I'll share a few of the best here.

James and cousin Molly among the pumpkins at a local farm

James and a pony at the same farm

At the waterfront in Salem, MA

The boys with Aunt Ren and some monsters at a street fair

Aunt Ren and her nephews outside the Rainforest Cafe

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