25 October 2006

adventures in single parenting

Some of the highlights of the last few days:
  • We got a package yesterday, and the first thing James did once the contents were removed was to dump out the foam packing material all over the floor. Evan's reaction to this was to stomp all over the peanuts (as we call them) and turn them into tiny little foamy flecks all over the floor.
  • Evan woke up approxiamtely every hour last night.
  • James threw a fit this afternoon (I can't for the life of me recall what he was upset about) and when he refused to go to his room I carried him there and held the door shut while he pounded on it. (This makes him sound like a monster, when really he just inherited his mother's tantrum gene. The tantrums are very, very unpleasant when they happen, but thankfully quite rare. And for me, they are good practice in patience.)
  • I had just gotten the boys into the bath tonight when Evan pooped. So I got the boys out of the bath, drained the tub, cleaned the tub, refilled the tub, and put the boys back in the bath. Evan promptly pooped again. That was the end of bathtime. In the time it took for me to go get Evan a diaper, James had pulled all of the blankets off of my bed.
  • Evan's current favorite activity is to pull the board games off of the shelves in the living room and dump their contents all over the floor.
On ordinary days, Greg comes home around 6:30 and we eat dinner and he plays with the boys before bed and I get a break. And then after the boys are in bed I clean up a little or do the dishes or whatever before relaxing for the night. So all of the things listed above might have happened anyway, even if Greg were here (most likely they would have), but without Greg, my break never comes. So once the boys are in bed I want nothing other than to collapse on the couch and watch TV or read.

This is very bad when it comes to the household duties. For example, the peanut pieces are still all over the living room floor because to vacuum them, I would first have to pick up the living room. And who knows what kind of messes the boys would make while I was thusly engaged. Besides, when I do have the time to get some housework done, I work on the never-ending pile of dirty dishes, because of that whole eating thing.

Hey, you know what else is great? Greg called tonight to tell me that he'll be in Colorado an extra day because bad weather is preventing them from taking good solar readings, which is the purpose of their trip. Excellent.

And now that this is starting to sound a little whiny and bitter, it's time to wrap it up. There have been plenty of nice things about the last few days, sure, but it's easier to dwell on the negative when I'm feeling tired and cranky. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.


Anonymous said...

That sounds awful - hang in there! The only time I've had to deal with single parenting was just for a weekend (without a car, in the dead of winter, mind you) and the way I survived was to do absolutely no housework. No cooking, no dishes, no laundry, no picking up - nothing. You just don't have enough energy to do nonstop childcare and manage a house. Don't occasions like this make you absolutely amazed that Mom pulled this off for years without help?!?

Anonymous said...

oh no, poor you! sometimes it all happens in one day, huh. if i were there i'd definitely come by and help you with everything. unfortunately i'm not... but who cares about peanut pieces lying all over the place anyway, you do need some time for yourself! and that's what matters.
i hope that when you read this the kids are more tolerable and that you're enjoying a lovely autumn day instead.
miss you!

Anonymous said...

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