02 February 2006


  • I'm amazing: it's only Feb. 2 and I've got our January photos uploaded. More to come once I've tweaked a few, for nit-picky composition reasons.
  • I was premature in calling penicillin "sweet" in an earlier post. I don't think I've ever had penicillin before, and I'm finding we don't like each other much. It may be giving Evan a few difficulties as well, though that's still just my suspicion until I'm concerned enough to call the doctor. So: strep is gone, but still not feeling top-notch.
  • My good local paper (the "alternative newsweekly") has a great article this week featuring "an insider's story of political influence in the FDA" -- the paper interviewed the former director of the Food and Drug Administration's Office of Women's Health. She talks about what happened to Plan B (the "morning after pill"): "...the science and the medical evidence had been overruled. Women's health and the public health were not the priority here." Scary stuff; a great read.
  • I must have missed it when I was not watching the State of the Union address, but Bush, when talking about ethics and morals in medical research, apparently mentioned... human-animal hybrids. What? Seriously, what is he talking about? Are there actually scientists working on this that I'm unaware of? I... don't understand who gave him his information.

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kim said...

Great pictures!

Courtesy of the blogosphere, here's the skinny on the human-animal hybrids.