07 February 2006

i knew the girl wasn't bright...

...but this is pretty horrifying, even for Britney Spears. Now, I've really been trying to stay away from celebrity news -- I was a little too into celebrities for a while, so I broke the habit. But celebrities are like train wrecks -- very beautiful and expensive train wrecks that compel you to watch until the gruesome end. An added bonus is the superiority an ordinary person feels at these train wrecks, because even if you're not glamorous and richer than God, at least you've got a brain in your head.

Anyway, to escape from the brutal, aggressive paparazzi, Britney drove off in her car with her five-month-old baby in her lap. Right in front of the paparazzi, who, you know, have cameras. It's especially mind-boggling when you consider that encounters with paparazzi have caused celebrities to get into accidents. If she had hit anything -- even had to slam on the brakes for something -- her baby could have been seriously injured. She couldn't have taken the thirty seconds it requires to strap an infant into his car seat? No, his safety from the terrible paparazzi was more important than his safety from traffic accidents, which could potentially kill him.

I wonder, since there are photographs, whether anything will come of this, or if it will be another case of a celebrity getting away with blatant illegal behavior thanks to money and fame?


Anonymous said...

Did you see the actual picture?


I can't say I'm surprised that she did it, but it's ridiculous that she's not going to get in trouble for it.


Samay said...

Dude, Britney Spears isn't beautiful. Now, Scarlett Johanssen, Keira Knightley, or Rachel McAdams, that's BEAUTIFUL.

Britney's always been pretty trashy.

Of course, Heidi Mergenhthaler also fits into that "beautiful" category :)

mojca said...

oh! my! god! "?!?" is all i've got to say about that.

much love,