12 December 2009

trivial pursuit for kids

My kids love to play games, any kind of games. Video games, computer games, pretend games, guessing games, board games. James, especially, love games so much that he's constantly making up his own or playing games by himself. If he doesn't know the rules to a game he'll invent them. His games are always terrifically complicated.

He's certainly passing on his love of games to his brother. This morning I came downstairs to find them deeply involved in a game of Trivial Pursuit. Evan can't read yet, and most of the questions are outside the limits of their young knowledge, so they make up their own questions. Usually their questions are about Star Wars or Pokemon, but this morning they actually created their own categories to work with: Animals, Water, Sand, Air, Candy and Plants. Evan was The Questioner.

Evan: Why doesn't sand evaporate?
James: Because it's not made of water!
Evan: Good!

Evan: Why don't all birds eat fish?
James: Because they don't all live near water!
Evan: Good!

Evan: Why can't you eat sand?
James: Because it's not food!
Evan: Good!

Evan: Why doesn't water go upstream?
James: Because hills make it go downstream!
Evan: Good!

It's so much fun listening to them.


Reneka said...

That is awesome! I miss all my favorite bonecrushers...

John S said...

So awesome. I look forward to playing games with you all very soon. Miss you guys...

stromie said...

Awesome! Sounds like something I would have done when I was younger.

Mom M. said...

I've heard them play their own version of Trivial Pursuit, and it really is delightful, especially how they encourage each other that the answer is "good!"