17 November 2009

evan's preschool photo

There are still a lot of photos and stories from summer that I swear I'm going to get around to posting someday, but for now I have to share Evan's preschool photo:

The photographer who came to the school for photos was really good with the kids and at getting natural smiles out of them. We weren't even planning on ordering photos, but I went in that morning to assist the photographer with setting up and supervising kids, and because of my (very minimal) help, she offered to give us some free photos. Looking at that face above, I'm glad we got them after all, because isn't that cute?

The day we got the photos back, Evan's class had earned a trip to the treat jar. I told Evan he could have his treat after lunch. We were putting on our coats when Evan saw one of his friends eating her treat.

"How come she gets to eat her candy?" he asked his friend's mother.

"Oh, well, sometimes I spoil her a little," replied the mother.

"Why do you spoil her?" Evan asked.

"Because I love her," she replied.

Evan looked at me, matter-of-factly: "Too bad you don't love me, Mom."

It's a cute photo, but don't let that sweet smile fool you: he's still Evan.


John S said...

Yeah, that's Evan all right. =) But wow, what a great photo. Cannot wait to see you guys next month!!!

Ren said...