27 March 2009

friday photos: first hike of the year edition

Last weekend was just nice enough for us to head out to a local park for the first hike of spring. Things are not very green yet, but the snow is gone and it's warm enough to leave the winter coats at home, so we're happy. We're hoping to get in more hiking and camping this year than last (Last year: no camping at all, and hiking maybe twice? Pathetic.), so we're getting the kids used to trekking as soon as we can. Some photos:

Wide open space to run around in!

James goofing around on a tiny bridge. Curiously, the bed of this little stream was literally covered in seashells.

Evan's short little legs got some assistance from time to time. He seemed to think that if he couldn't see the camera, he couldn't be photographed.

Out in the woods along one of the trails is an old rusted-out car. Our camera doesn't quite capture the robin's-egg blue of what's left of its paint.

This is what happens when I ask for a nice photo of my boys in front of the pond:

The forecast for this weekend is for more nice weather, so we're hoping to get out hiking again. Happy weekend, everyone!

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D'Arcy said...

Wonderful! Living in Utah I am so close to the mountains, to the amazing hiking trails of green up north and the lovely landscapes of red down south, i love this state for precisely that reason.

Found your blog when I was searching for others interesting in feminism, religion, and nature!