05 December 2008

friday photos: thanksgiving edition

I forgot to bring my camera to my mom's house for Thanksgiving, so I'm stealing some of my sister's photos to post. I spent a lot of time hogging her sweet camera, so it's pretty likely that I took these photos anyway. These are, by the way, photos of three of the things I was most thankful for over our Thanksgiving vacation.

James has been experimenting with a ponytail lately, and this is his samurai impression:

Those of you who know Greg will not be surprised when I say that he was the instigator of the frosting war paint:

Amazing turkey cupcakes that my sister and her husband bought.

Okay, so I'm kidding about cupcakes being one of the top three things I'm thankful for, but seriously, look at the detail on that frosting. That entire thing is edible, and extremely rich and delicious. And we all know that Thanksgiving is about cramming yourself full of desserts that singularly exceed your recommended daily intake of calories. Besides, it's not as easy to take photos of the things I'm truly thankful for: love, good health, prosperity, safe travels, family togetherness, and all that good intangible stuff.


Ren said...

You did indeed take all of those photos. I think I took 3 all weekend, so thanks for being such a shutterfly!

Jessica said...

O my, I'll take one of those cupcakes any day over pumpkin pie. As always, I love how the personalities of James and Evan come out in your pictures.