29 October 2008

i have failed as a parent.

Somebody's been reading right-wing propoganda behind my back:

Evan: I'm voting for McCain!
Me: Oh? Why are you voting for McCain?
Evan: Because he has a better plan.
Me: Really? What's his plan?
Evan: To save the world. And Obama's plan is to destroy the world.


Jessica said...

On the contrary, you have not failed as a parent -- he's a super-smart kid who knows precisely how to get your goat as he goes through the classic (and temporary) stage of exerting his independence. Congratulations to you for raising a preschooler who probably knows more about who's running than some citizens of voting age.

P.S. At least he can't really vote.

melissa said...

I second what Jessica said, since it's exactly what I was thinking. I would retype it, but that would bore your readers.

kim said...

You're going to have an Alex P. Keaton on your hands!

Samay said...

Yeah, if your preschooler's talking about politics, you haven't failed. You'd have failed if he could get your goat by talking smack about your favorite American Idol contestant.