26 October 2007

friday photos: vintage halloween edition

We are gearing up for Halloween here. We have a costume for Evan, which he was indifferent to when we bought it, but which he is now excited about, and James tells me he's going to choose between two costumes (one too big, one too small) the day before Halloween. Evan is practicing zombie faces in the mirror, and James is begging us to read him scary stories. We've had little success finding kids' stories that are scary enough for him, but we're reluctant to try out anything really scary. We had a serious conversation about what to do if you should find a dead body, thanks to a story from this book. This weekend will involve getting pumpkins and making Halloween cookies, though I haven't decided what kind yet.

So in honor of one of our favorite holidays, I present a Halloween retrospective, in photos. I couldn't find a photo of James' first Halloween, so we start with #2. This, sadly, is the best photo we've got of James in his Tigger costume:

2004 was the Year of the Monster:

The following year we had a cute, fat baby chili pepper, nearly too fat for the costume at all:

James had two costumes that year. Buzz Lightyear for the preschool Halloween party:

And a scary skeleton (with no arm bones) for trick-or-treating:

Last year Evan was sick on Halloween and instead of trick-or-treating in James' old Tigger costume, stayed home in his Tigger pajamas, tended to by Mama Cat:

This isn't actually a Halloween photo, but considering how under-represented Evan is in these photos, I thought I'd include it. This was taken at Pottery Barn Kids, actually, shortly before Halloween:

Our older boys had impressive costumes last year, though -- a pirate and Superboyman.

Next Friday you can expect the current Halloween photos. And hopefully no one will be sick this year.

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Jessica said...

I loved these -- and I remember some of those Halloweens! (You have had a digital camera for a long time).