24 January 2007

snowy day

We are finally in the midst of a real live winter here in western New York. Today was not intolerably cold, or windy, or snowing, so I actually felt ambitious enough to take the boys outside to play. Of course, even something as simple as going outside to play in the snow ended up as a source of drama in this family.

First let me post some cute photos, taken before things went awry:

Evan, toddling through the snow

James, after sledding down a wee hill

Evan is at that weird in-between age when it comes to the snow. He's too big to be carried around, but too small to really play. At his size, every step in the snow is a gigantic undertaking of simply lifting his foot high enough so as not to trip and fall. Evan has the additional problem of refusing to wear mittens. Actually, it's not so much a refusal as it is screaming every time he sees his gloves.

So for the first ten minutes or so that we were outside, Evan did his best to simply walk through the snow. He seemed to be enjoying himself, until he got to the slight hill at the back of our yard and instantly fell. Of course, he caught himself with his hands, which were, of course, bare. Screaming, of course, ensued.

It was all downhill from there. Evan's hands were freezing, which made him cry, but the suggestion of mittens made him cry even more. Eventually I forced his little mittens onto his red little fingers. Then he spent the next ten minutes or so demanding to be carried, and crying, "My hands! My hands!" So the mittens came off again, and a thumb was immediately crammed into the mouth, and we watched James sled for a few minutes while Evan repeatedly refused every suggestion I made to him. ("Want to sled?" "No." "Want to play in the snow?" "No." "Want to go inside?" "No." "Want to go take a nap?"* "No.")

Despite Evan's lack of enthusiasm for the idea, I brought him inside and put him in bed, because I didn't dress him and myself in three layers of winter clothing to go stand around and watch James sled (though it is pretty amusing to watch, what with James being unable to steer, and half the time unable to even stay upright).

And Greg wonders why I don't take the kids out to play more often.

*I know you think this is a silly question to ask a toddler, but Evan will actually answer yes to this question if he's really feeling tired.


Anonymous said...

ahh, i'm sorry evan was determined to make a fun time very un-fun. matija here is terribly stubborn lately too, with "no" being one of his favourite words, of course. the pics are very cute indeed, though.

we finally got our first snow today. the funny thing is that i got so used to the mild winter that i'm just about ready for spring now! what can you do... :)

i hope your next trip outdoors turns out to be less tiring. take care dear!
much love,

and rudeness said...

Snow days are fun... being as though I try to be as much of an adult as possible, I havent let loose and just PLAYED in the snow in years.

Now I want to go jump into a snowbank... oh wait, I forgot. We dont have too much snow. LOL.

By the way, I still cant get my daughter to wear gloves. It IS frustrating...