29 November 2006

who is this kid?

I thought it was pretty amazing when Evan recently started sleeping through the night. No crying until 6am! I didn't think it could get better.

But today after lunch, I told Evan it was naptime, and instead of screaming and crying "NO!", Evan said nicely, "Naptime. I tired. I go bed." And he laid down happily in his crib for a nap.

This is the kid who has had sleep issues from day one. Who, for months, could not go to sleep without being rocked and/or nursed. Who sometimes had to be held for an entire nap because putting him down would wake him. Who woke up as many as 6 times a night for the first seventeen months of his life. And now he goes down nicely for a nap without crying? He sleeps through the night every single night?

Somebody must have pulled a baby switcheroo, because this is bizarre. I'm pleasantly surprised, but suspicious.

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ryanikon said...

WOAH, he even put himself down for a nap?! CONGRADS!

My 27 month old daughter STILL has to be rocked to sleep... someday I will experience heaven.