15 September 2006

friday photos

I don't know why James doesn't open his eyes for photos anymore. He also does the weird huge grin you see above. Regardless of how he looks, though, he's really, really happy in this photo, because this was taken on his first day of nursery school, which was Wednesday.

This is how James pretends to be R2D2. He has expressed interest in being a robot for Halloween, so I think we're all set now.*

This is one of the crazier things I've ever seen happen in my kitchen: a fight between a spider and a half-dead bee. That's the spider on the bee's rear end (click on the photo for a bigger version), trying to spin him up and secure his meals for the next year or so. The bee was really weak, and feebly crawling around, but finally he broke free of the spider's sticky grasp and hobbled off to safety. (I think I inadvertantly assisted him by taking this photo, because I had to move a bottle of lotion to take it, and I think the web was attached to the lotion.) At that point the bee promptly fell off the windowsill into my sink full of soapy water and drowned. Poor little guy.

I feel a little embarrassed sharing the state of my kitchen like this -- it's just a few cobwebs in the corners of the window! Really! We're not that gross! -- but this was just too cool not to share. I'm disappointed that the spider didn't get him, because she was tough! And she was working really hard. But it was still cool to watch.

*No, I'm not actually going to dress my kid up in a laundry basket and call it a Halloween costume.


Anonymous said...

maybe the flash(or the red-eye reduction thingie that flashes once before the photo is actually taken) blinds him? still, a very cute picture! and i can't believe the bee-spider story. must've been very interesting. it reminds me of this one time at the seaside when we watched a wasp land on our ham (that was on the table) and cut (yes, cut!) this huge piece of ham... well, compared to the wasp anyway, it was about 3 times its size. after cutting a nice square, it actually rolled it (!) and flew away with it, pretty much going left, right, up and down all the time because the ham was so heavy. how greedy! and fascinating, i've never seen anything like it before.

have a lovely saturday, darling :)
much love,

Anonymous said...

(come to think about it, it was more like 8 times its size!)

ren said...

Those pictures of James are my new favorites. Very cute.